Realistic Job Search Strategies
A Masterclass in Taking Intentional Action
with Julia Toothacre
A sneak preview of the Masterclass...
Searching + applying for jobs can be frustrating!

🧐 Are the job posts current?
🤨 Is there an internal candidate?
🤑 What's the pay range?
🤔 Is this the right job for me?
😣 How many applicants are there?

It can be so confusing to know the best strategy to implement amidst all the questions you have and all the advice that comes up when you search the web for job search tips.

A strategy that works for one person or situation might not work for another person or situation.

Meet Your Coach :)

I'm Julia Toothacre, the Career Coach + Strategist behind Ride the Tide Collective! With over a decade of experience counseling, coaching, training, and helping professionals like you, I'm excited to present job search strategies in a new way!

I specialize in equipping ambitious people to take control of their career in a way that aligns with their personality and values.

Beyond coaching, I've been featured by Newsweek, CNBC, Fast Company, and Yahoo! Finance (just to name a few).

I'm excited to share my knowledge with you in this masterclass, and set you up for future success.
Let's go on this journey together!

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It's time to build a job search strategy that considers your personality, preferences, and motivation.

There is no secret when it comes to the job search process... 

ride process

This is the basic process. What makes this masterclass different is I'm sharing a custom approach that aligns with who you are.

Many strategies out there only follow one path because it's either a path that worked for the person teaching it or it's a common process found in career articles.

While there is nothing wrong with those approaches, they usually only consider one type of person.

I've been a career coach for over a decade. I've learned that you are more successful when the approach you take toward the job search process takes into account who you are.

job search strategies
  • The realities of the job search process.
  • How to research and prepare in a way that saves time and frustration.
  • What needs to be prepared to start the job search process and strategies to help you get noticed.
  • ​How to prepare and take intentional action aligned with your personality and preferences.
  • ​How to figure out your general preferences and the strategies that align with them.
  • How to manage a job search under unique circumstances.

Not every part of career help requires a coach. In many cases, you can plan and execute a successful job search if you have the right strategy and tips.

    Access to the Masterclass

    Unlimited access to the 1.5 hour masterclass with Julia, plus 30 minutes of Q&A where live participants sent in their questions.

    PLUS Bonus Materials

    Get a PDF workbook that includes all the masterclass activities and video content that can be used throughout your career.

    This masterclass is for you if...
    • You're in your mid-career and ready for a change.
    • You're employed but looking to develop a job search strategy that doesn't drain your energy.
    • You're over all the "quick fixes" and want a personality-aligned strategy unique to you.
    • ​You've been applying to a lot of jobs with little to no responses.
    • ​You have some idea of the type of job and industry you're interested in.
    • ​You're looking for advice from a seasoned and informed career professional who wants to see you control and advance in your career.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What's in the LinkedIn Planner ?
    The workbook contains 28 pages and includes a comprehensive LinkedIn profile checklist, a job search starter Q&A with worksheets, LinkedIn networking tips and resources, and LinkedIn engagement hacks to help amplify results.
    How long will I have access to the masterclass?
    You will have unlimited access to the masterclass along with additional video resources and a PDF workbook. These are resources that can be used over again in your career journey.
    How do I access the masterclass + PDF workbook once I purchase? 
    You will be redirected to Julia’s coaching portal after you purchase to access the course immediately. You will also receive an email with additional instructions that include the link to the online course + coaching portal which will house the masterclass and additional resources for you to access at anytime.
    What if I'm interested in coaching after I take the masterclass?
    Should you want career coaching to discuss job search or other career topics, I suggest my Career Action Coaching package. It's three 1-hour coaching sessions that can be used anyway you'd like to achieve your career goals.
    How can I best prepare for this masterclass?
    At minimum, you'll want to know the primary job functions and industries of interest. If you're still in an exploratory mode, I suggest investing in and watching the What's Next In Your Career? Masterclass before this masterclass.
    Ready to take intentional action?
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